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The birth of Love La Vie Daily blog

After a devastating a breakup, career change, and implantation in a new zip code, I found myself in need of a little introspection and perhaps rebranding, if you will. You see, my original perception of the perfect life is now a faint memory. So this is me pulling myself up by the bootstraps (or flip flops rather), and creating a new version of perfect – editing along the way.

Love La Vie Daily is a life and style blog that journals my rediscovering of life, love, and fashion in today’s world. Being a thrifty girl with a healthy appetite for all things beautiful and a concrete belief that creating the life you love doesn’t mean spending a fortune, I decided it’s time to officially chronicle my journey and do so publicly (as it might be educational if not entertaining ).  

Come along as I scour my part of the world (and parts of the rest of it) in search of the perfect work outfit that doesn’t make you feel like you forgot who you are, venue to throw a special event, earrings (or for that matter, necklaces, bracelets, and rings), date night restaurant, and weekend getaway – and those are just a few of my favorite things. 

I believe that life is a journey and you’re always writing your story. This is mine. 

XOX, Jax