I’m a blazer fanatic. I am always on the hunt for the perfect blazer, and believe you me, they’re not easy to find. Here’s a look at my favorite go-to outfit for work / running around town.

Love La Vie Daily
I’m obsessed with blazers and anything leopard.

This Tahari blazer has given me life. I’ve paired it with dresses, pants, and jeans – and it looks great with everything. It’s not a super tailored cut, so I’ve got room to breath and move around. And, best of all, I got it at the Loehmann’s clearance sale just before they closed their doors (a moment of silence for the loss of one of the greatest stores of all time).

Blazers and jeans make a great business casual look when I’m ready to say goodbye to the work week or run errands around town (if I’m not in my yoga pants that is). Those leopard shoes are from one of my favorite shoe designers, Mr. Sam Edelman, a man who knows a woman’s foot and what she’s willing to pay any amount of money for. They’re wonderfully comfortable and they’re actually pretty dressy for a slip on sneaker.

No outfit is complete without jewelry (or an overly excessive amount of it). The necklace is a recent find from Charming Charlie, and the center piece is natural stone. This necklace was only $12 with the use of a coupon from a previous store promotion. Doesn’t get any better than that!

Love La Vie DailyI go through phases of playing favorites with my jewelry. Right now, my favorite go-to bracelets on rotation are the Alex & Ani charms (one of which was a gift from my friend Sarine – a style maven who leads by example in mixing interesting pieces and the other was a Christmas gift from my Aunt. Could this be the start of a gift-giving trend? Yes, please!).  Then there’s my beloved Kate Spade bangle all the way to the left. And, of course, my treasured Henri Bendel chunky chain link. I found that beauty in their NYC flagship store about 4 years ago – not on sale, but worth every penny. It’s become a tradition on my annual trips to New York to make a special visit to HB’s and buy a piece I just can’t live without. It’s like walking into a toy store. Or, like walking through the grocery store when you’re hungry. Not a good idea if you know what I mean.

This is a super easy outfit to pull together. I went for comfort and dressed it up with the jewelry and added a fun twist with leopard print slip ons.

What does your go-to outfit look like?

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