I started hosting and planning events over 10 years ago. At first it was small gatherings then grew into milestone celebrations over time. What began as a passion project developed into a business, enter Lila La Vie events – my boutique event planning company based here in Orange County, CA.  Event planning seems to be in my DNA as I can’t turn off the flow of ideas that run through my head constantly. Whether it’s an intimate dinner party at home or a grand wedding, I’m all over it!

Here is a collection of some of the highlights from 2015…


Gorgeous Christening Ensemble by Baby Beau & Belle

My heart just about burst when I saw the guest of honor dressed in his gorgeous Baby Beau & Belle Christening ensemble. His dark hair and long lashes combined with plump round cheeks made for the perfect little cherub. When I was asked by my best friend to help coordinate her baby’s special day, I could not be more honored.

Guests gathered at church in anticipation of the this beautiful ceremony they were about to witness. When the baby finally entered the church, everyone fawned over him, his stealth demeanor and heart wrenching puppy dog expression just about killed me. Our little cherub was about to be baptized a Christian in front of a small group of close family and friends.

The luncheon was held at a nearby restaurant where the patio was transformed using chic Moroccan style draping that enclosed one long table for our private party. The centerpieces, individually potted  succulents in multiple variety, doubled as favors for guests.

The simple affair filled the day with a feeling of calm and joy, so calm in fact, our little angel decided a nap would do. So nap he did, giving guests a chance to talk and laugh over lunch for what became a beautiful Sunday afternoon.


Love Birds


I had the pleasure of coordinating the wedding of two love birds, much like the ones in this picture. Their love was contagious. It was such a wonderful experience working with a couple so in touch with one another.

Seaview Terrance in process of being setup

The wedding took place at the beautiful Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa in Newport Beach, CA. While the forecast threatened rain, it turned out to be a gorgeous sunny day.




This Is Forty

When you get a call to plan a 40th birthday party two weeks before the actual date, you panic. When it’s a celebration for two of the most fabulous people on the planet, you jump on it!


Old Hollywood glamour and charm was the theme of this epic 40th birthday for a husband and wife duo who celebrated their milestone together. The party was set at their sprawling San Juan Capistrano home on a warm October evening.

Hollywood Entrance

Guests entered the foyer and stepped into the set of an old Hollywood movie. Custom photo backdrop and camera props set the scene while the never ending red carpet lead guests down the hall to the casino and dance floor.


Tray passed hors d’oeuvres served small bites of main dishes like mashed potato and roast beef in martini glasses. The bar served mixed drinks and signature cocktails from the 1940’s including the Side Car – a personal favorite.

A live singer set the ambiance outside crooning Frank Sinatra’s hits on the deck while guests danced and sang along.

The night ended with the entire party gathering around our gracious hosts; the warm autumn air filled with excitement as everyone joyfully sang Happy Birthday.

This is Forty

For more details about Lila La Vie events please visit lilalavie.com. 

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