Lipstick saved my life.

Now, I realize that’s a dramatic statement, but nonetheless, it’s true. After an unusually long stay in my beauty rut, I decided it was time for some revitalization. On my quest for new makeup, I discovered LIPSTICK. It started with one dark color then before I knew it I was taking all kinds of wild colors on a test drive.


These four colors are everything! They will totally change your look without having to switch up the rest of your beauty routine. In this article, I want to show you how you can branch out with fun new colors without having to rethink your whole makeup palette.

In order (top to bottom): Diva, Pander Me, Lady Danger, and Men Love Mystery

About a year ago, I decided to revisit matte lipsticks (this is a big step for someone who grew up in the 90s when grunge was the only option). Fearful I didn’t have the right features for dark shades, I went ahead and bought Diva anyway, then didn’t wear it for the first three months. It only takes one time, then you’re hooked. When I finally gave Diva a test drive, I loved it.

Diva Lipstick

I decided to give this whole funky color business another shot and went back for something different. The “it” color of the moment was purple – which I never in a million years would have tried was it not for the gorgeous MAC consultant standing in front of me proudly pulling off her own interesting shade of plum. Enter: Men Love Mystery (and how could I not buy it with a name like that?!).

Men Love Mystery

Once you unlock your inner lipstick freak, you will never go back. Such is the case with yours truly. The colors are all so beautiful and they are so alluring just standing there all perfectly displayed waiting to be tried on.

Pander Me

Pander Me is a brown tone with hints of orange. I love it because it’s simple and classy enough for the office but can take you through the night for drinks with friends.

Lady Danger Lipstick
Lady Danger

Let’s talk about Lady Danger. I can’t express enough how versatile this color is! I’m wearing it without lip liner in this photo so you can see its true tone. You can add variations of red liners to change the look, but with a bold matte color like this, you don’t really need it.

In all photos, I’m wearing my usual round up of products (refer to the LBD Beauty look from a couple weeks ago for colors). The only thing that is different is my lipstick. I kept my makeup neutral and light to allow the lips to stand out.

With just the change of a lip you can be a totally different person…Don’t be afraid to try new colors, take one out for a test drive and see for yourself!

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