I’m really feeling purple lately. From makeup and lips down to my nails and jewelry, I really had fun dressing up for an afternoon bridal shower in honor of one of my closest friends.


For my body type (curvy with a side of tush & thighs), wrap dresses are a no brainer. I even managed to squeeze myself into one size smaller in this Calvin Klein magic trick of a dress. Not that I care what the number on the label says (if I say it out loud I’ll start to believe it), but they just didn’t have my actual size so I held my breath, wrapped the straps around a couple times, and voila, magic wrap dress fits. We’ll talk about my size (the current one and the one I used to be and then there’s the one I’m hoping to be by summer – insert eyes wide open emoji face here) when I’m ready to come out from under this rock, but for now let’s talk purple bridal shower inspiration.


I basically tailored my look around one of my favorite rings. This gorgeous amethyst piece is like candy to me. When I wear it I feel like Liz Taylor – a girl can dream can’t she? I paired it with a pave Nadri bangle (super find at Nordstrom Rack) and a Nadri bauble chain necklace (also a discount find). The earrings are smoky grey studs I found at Express over 4 years ago and boy have they held up well! (Thank you Express!)

For makeup I went with daytime drama, going heavy on the concealer and bronzer and even attempted a purple eyeshadow. My lipstick is Men Love Mystery, the MAC color I featured in my previous article Four Lipsticks You Must Test Drive.

Purple Eye Shadow and Lips
Purple, Purple, and More Purple
This Lipstick Is A Must-Have

Since I’ve opened pandora’s box of “wild” colors I might just stick it out and see how far I can go with it. The bridal shower turned out to be beautiful, just like the bride-to-be.

Here are a few pictures I took at the event…


What’s your “wild” color of the moment?

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