Just because it’s gloomy out doesn’t mean my jewelry has to be! Here’s a little rainy day sparkle for the jewelry enthusiast.


For a girl who loves nice things, it’s vital (err necessary) to stay within a healthy budget when shopping for let’s face it, unnecessary things. I’ve come to enjoy the hunt and I crave a good jewelry find. You know the one I’m talking about…those Tory Burch earrings marked down at Nordstrom Rack, the Nadri necklace that’s on super sale that also happens to have fallen between two racks therefore waiting in safe haven for your hungry little hands looking for a deal no one else spotted. Ah, yes, that feeling.

Most of my jewelry was found on a deadly hunt for the killer deal – I say holding my head up high. Here is one of my favorite finds.


These House Of Harlow earrings were a Nordstrom Rack kill. They were marked down twice, so I ended up paying around $13 for these round face babies. The gold has held up quite well for costume, and the turquoise leather center has stayed in tact.

When I buy costume jewelry from novelty designers, I hope to get to my moneys worth. Enter Mrs. Richie-Madden c/o House of Harlow. Her jewelry hasn’t let me down so far, and while I’m not about to start collecting, there are a few pieces that are worth buying.

The necklace I’m wearing is from eBay, one of my go-to resources for great jewelry finds. This one was only $7.

My bracelets and silver bow ring were Kate Spade outlet store finds and the rose gold ring is from Nordstrom Rack.

What does your rainy day jewelry look entail?




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