Looking for unique gifts for Valentine’s day that won’t break the bank? If you’re shopping for someone who already has everything, V-Day can be a pain. Stop over-thinking it and plan to do something from the heart. This unexpected gift guide is going to rock their world!


Let’s get real about Valentine’s Day… Most of you reading this right now would vote for its abolition if they held a public vote (men can I get ‘Hell Ya’). Ladies, be honest, this little holiday has caused more harm to your psyche than you would like to admit. But, here we are, looking for ways to show our sweethearts that we care. So, let’s take the pressure and drama out of it and agree to do something special for each other, and maybe even create a tradition while we’re at it (I’m all about traditions and starting “annual” celebrations).  Here are some Ideas for Valentine’s weekend your love will LOVE.

A His & Hers Guide: 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That’ll Make Them Swoon (and a bonus)

1. Mark Your Territory: Put your initials on something—anything! Guys, you should already know this by now: women love grand gestures. Remember the first place you went on a date? How about your first kiss? This would be a cool venue to mark your love territory by carving yours and your hunny’s initials on a nearby tree. Take a picture of it with your phone and text her then watch how quickly your lady Instagrams it and makes it her wallpaper. Sound too labor intensive? Go to Etsy.com and search “carve initials” and see how many seller’s pop up with mind blowing ideas and products in this arena. She’ll love the fact that you went out of your way to do something thoughtful and romantic and it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg. 

2. Put It In Print: In the digital world we live in presently where sharing your recent vacation happens mostly via social media and group text chats, it’s rare that we take time out to actually print a hard copy of a photo, let alone a whole album. It’s still really nice to have the a tangible memory you can have displayed in your home or office to glance at and remember a happy memory. If you’re planning a gift for a lady, all you have to do is print a single photo of an occasion that gives you good feelings and write something sweet on the back (or sexy, or cheesy depending on your relationship). If this is for a man, I’d go with a whole album. Shutter fly.com makes it so easy to create one-of-a-kind photo books in sizes ranging from an 8″x8″ up to an 11″x14″, and the best part is, they’re 50% off right now! I make photo books for almost every occasion! They’re fun, super easy to create, and make for an excellent stacking piece on your coffee table.

3. Drive Off Into The Sunset: There’s nothing like a drive up the coast or through the desert to make you feel miles aways from reality. Plan a little adventure and take them on a drive someplace they’ve never been before. Pack some snacks, good music, and just take off. Steal something off the ground as a souvenir that will remind you of that drive later (a rock, a leaf, sand in a vile). The point is the journey, not necessarily the destination… whomever said that was a genius (insert winky face emoji). Here are some fun drive ideas for you to wander together:

Laguna Beach: Thousand Steps

Corona Del Mar: Cliff overlooking the ocean

Palm Springs: House with the pink door

Orange County Great Park, Irvine: Helium air balloon “ride” (and lots of other activities)

4. Go Offline: This is a big one! Agree ahead of time that for an entire day you’re going to shut off from the world and just give one another your full attention (remember a time when that was normal?). For those with kids or the paranoid (myself included), you don’t have to shut your phone off. You can put it in Do Not Disturb mode and set it up so that only a few people can actually reach you for that day (I.e. babysitter, mom, etc.). Giving each other your undivided attention is way bigger than a gift you purchase at the store, this is invaluable.

5. Q&A / T&A: A combo of exactly what it sounds like. Set aside some time to get intimate, not just between the sheets! Play a round of Q&A before or after your love session and have fun finding out the answers. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to include a formal dinner reservation and a gift from Tiffany’s. Buy a bottle of wine, some french bread and cheese, and just talk the night away! Remember when that was EVERYTHING in middle school? A simpler time. Turn off the gadgets, put the kids to bed, and bring sexy back – old school style.

Here’s a fun round to get you started…Click here. Print 2 and have fun!

Bonus Idea: (Not Just For Valentine’s)

Make a date for personal time and don’t let anything get in the way. Whether you’re just dating, married, have kids, or expecting, you know very well that things come up and get in the way of your intimacy. Carve out some time for each other and actually print out a Save The Date and have your partner check the box that they will be in attendance. It’s cheeky and fun and why the heck not! I created this fun Save The Date for you—just print and fill in the pertinent details.

I hope you enjoy the romance of the weekend, and whatever you choose to do, make it special. Email me and let me know which one of my ideas worked for you, I’d love to hear from you: lovelaviedaily@yahoo.com.
Now, if you’re still not sure what you’re getting your sweety for Valentine’s Day – may the  force be with you.

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