Looking for the perfect place to dine for any occasion? I’ve got you covered! My blog series “Let’s Go” is all about giving you the information you need to select the perfect venue for your next outing. Looking for a great first-date restaurant? How about afternoon cocktails with friends? I’m exploring Orange County like a tourist and giving you all the details.

Weekend Shenanigans With My Bestie: Lunch at the Hyatt in Huntington Beach

I’ve lived in Huntington Beach for nearly four years now and have never eaten at Pete’s Sunset Grille at the Hyatt. It’s less than a mile from my house so shame on me for not getting over here sooner. And, after the meal we enjoyed yesterday, shame on me twice!

Pete’s Sunset Grille offers California comfort food and fresh local fish with a creative twist. Chef JRod is serving up unique dishes at this beautifully situated hotel restaurant at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa. Pete’s sits on the lush lawn that overlooks PCH and the Pacific Ocean.

After my first Mexican Pipeline Margarita and a solid arm tan later, I was intoxicated with resort living. Perched under an umbrella, my girlfriend and I forgot about the impending bike ride we planned to Balboa Island, and started to settle into this surf board menu and all that it held inside.

Up first from the Surfer Starters section is the Popcorn Shrimp – with actual popcorn! This teaser app is not only devilishly good it also got us excited about the spice palette Chef is working with. He uses a sultry blend of island flavors infused with traditional favorites that really titillates the senses.

Up next is the Salmon Crudo. Mmmmmmm….While I’m not super keen on raw, I do indulge from time to time. And, indulge I did! This super fresh cut of salmon is to die for. It sits in a drizzle of passion fruit, herb oil, and is topped with pickled sweet and spicy peppers. Chef includes a ponzu sauce for dipping. Edible flowers and caviar are a super lush addition making this a not-to-miss dish you will thank me for later!

Take it in. Take it all in. This gorgeous Cedar Smoked Salmon is every bit as delicious as it looks. The flavors and quality of the cut of salmon are inexplicable and I will forever be indebted to the human behind this plate. Chef JRod employs tequila marinated infusions into what would otherwise be your everyday melon accompaniment. Exotic edible flowers take this salmon to the next level, leaving you feeling like you’re dining on a remote island in Hawaii.

As if that weren’t enough food, we gorged ourselves on a delicious offering of hearty desserts, very much in line with the rest of our meal. The Chocolate Wave Cake is rich, glazed in chocolate sauce, ganache, crispy ocean pearls, and sprinkled with sea salt to off set the sweet factor. Their house made Tahitian vanilla gelato will make you feel like you’re in Italy, only you don’t need a passport to enjoy this decadent scoop of pure heaven (and you can eat those flowers too!). It’s the perfect compliment to the piece de resistance…Warm Butter Cake. Mmmmmmm….Can we just stop right here. How do I describe this comfortingly delicious dessert? It’s warm, it’s got just the right amount of sweet, and it’s topped with soft honey cream with a Mai Tai glaze. There’s just no describing it.

Pete’s Sunset Grille at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa is a total gem. Without hesitation, this was a truly enjoyable dining experience. From the food to the ambiance, every sense is engaged. There’s just no comparing the beauty and serenity of Huntington Beach and the Hyatt has made it very hard to overlook this spot as a regular go-to for casual fine dining. My compliments to the Chef and his entire staff for such a well-appointed menu and for the unsurpassable service.  I will be back.
Thank you Chef JRod for an unforgettable afternoon! Your food was an eye opening adventure for me. Your staff and surroundings make your restaurant a total win, demanding a speedy return. I can’t wait to dine with you again.

Find out more about Chef JRod on Instagram: @chefvidacomida


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