One-piece bathing suits have finally taken their rightful position in modern swimwear – at the top. Their popularity has practically driven bikinis sales into bankruptcy. Okay, that’s an over statement unsupported by factual evidence, but you get the point. One-piece swimsuits are in high order, and this girl couldn’t be more excited.

The one-piece suit can be just as sexy as a bikini, so finding the right cut, fit and print is key. Solids and well placed cut outs are my safety zone.  Knowing which assets you should play up will help guide the process, too. Being a gal in her 30s, I’m hyper conscious of clothes that age me in the wrong direction, so finding the right one-piece is no easy task. With that in mind, here is my selection of bathing suits that are complimentary and won’t break your budget. (Let’s face it, I’ll pay anything for the right bathing suit, but we don’t need to take out a loan to cover summer swim-wear expenses).

Forever 21 $24.90

How can you go wrong with this bathing suit?

Ralph Lauren $99

This is your basic black one-piece that will never do you wrong. It’s got high back coverage, and perfectly placed cut outs in the front.

Out From Under $72

This suit from Urban Outfitters totally stole my heart. The print is clean and chic and the cut is revealing in the right places.


Blue by Rod Beattie $90

I love the crochet bathing suits. They can be so sexy and classy at the same time. This one from Blue has a great combination of sex appeal and class. I love it in white, but it does come in black as well. 

Forever 21 Criss Cross $22.90

Forever 21 is a great budget friendly alternative if you like to have multiple suits for every occasion. They have dozens of options and the price just can’t be beat. 


My obsession with the one-piece goes beyond this article. Follow me on Instagram for more inspiration… LoveLaVieDaily.


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