Let’s face it, us cali girls love that summer glow all year round. Well, let me take that back;  most girls love that summer glow all-year-round. So it’s only appropriate that every cosmetics company offer a means to that end, starting with your staple BB Creams and highlighters. While I appreciate a good highlight on my favorite beauty bloggers, I couldn’t see myself indulging in that high-shine appeal in my everyday life, until now.

Intrigued by the uber popular highlight fad, I resolved to figure out a way to execute this look without the intensity of looking like a makeup counter professional – because, who is showing up at their office job looking like they were shot out of a glitter cannon? Enter Hikari, the latest in a Birch Box round up. I found a combination of just three products that will give you a natural looking summer glow, and what’s better is you can pull this off during the day without feeling like a drag queen.

MAC | Prep & Prime BB Cream with SPF 35, Refined Golden

HIKARI | Radiate Shimmer Bronzer

NYX | Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator, LIM02

Single Product | Triple Use

Using the NYX Liquid Illuminator for an eyeshadow base, cheek highlight, and lipstick


Hikari: This quad palette is a miracle. I had never heard of the brand until it showed up in my Birch Box. This bronzer can be used minimally by just picking up the brown or more dramatically by sweeping your brush among all four colors. When this one runs out, I’m definitely going to buy another one.

MAC BB Cream: This is literally all you will use once you buy it. I’ve even given up traditional foundation in replacement. MAC BB Cream is a tinted foundation beauty balm that can be used for a light summer look or in combination with concealer for fuller coverage. I use it as my base, applying it as I would a foundation. Mine is about 3 shades darker than my normal skin tone, so it really helps convey that summer glow I crave. To achieve this look, I use about half a fingers length line of the cream and massage evenly over my entire face. Then I apply my concealer as normal. To set the BB Cream, I use a powder synthetic brush to blend in my MAC Studio Fix. Then, using a blush synthetic brush, I pick up a little brown from my Hikari quad for the area below my cheek bone. To finish the look, I pick up the gold and pink colors and swipe along the cheek bone for highlight. If you’re going for an  evening look, use more gold and pink.

NYX Liquid Illuminator: This stuff is pretty universal. I found that it works best in collaboration with another beauty product. I used it as a eyeshadow base, and it served that purpose well. The only draw back is that it never really settles into the skin. It’s a great short term use liquid, but does not have all day staying power. Regardless, it’s a gorgeous shade of soft gold and looked really cute on the lips. This was an Ipsy find!

I hope my review inspires you to find the perfect summer glow cosmetics. I believe a girl that can full off that full shimmer effect exudes a hightened level of confidence, so even if it’s not in your wheelhouse, give it a go and see how it makes you feel – I promise you’re going to love it!

XOX: Jacquleen