So you still have a few gifts to buy? Well, you’re not alone. Most of us leave it to the last minute, but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with my no-nonsense gift guide for LITERALLY everyone in your life. The hope is that the gift-giving part of the holiday season doesn’t overwhelm the drink-drinking part of the holiday season (it’s important to keep those two things separate).

Take it from the girl who has given the worst and the best gifts on earth (I won’t get into the hand painted rocks I gave a former boyfriend). Eh, you live and you learn. So, here you have it, my fail safe list of gifts for everyone in your life. Cheers!


This covers your boss, coworkers, assistants, and people you work with indirectly at your company. Keeping it simple for this group is key. A bottle of wine, Whiskey, tequila, scotch, champagne, wine of the month club, (you notice a theme here). If you do a liquor gift, include a companion piece they can use when enjoying the bottle you gave them. For example, a bottle of Whiskey would go great with a pack of chilling stones (just $11.99 through Amazon).



Have someone in your life who is planning their upcoming wedding? Make them feel special by commemorating this milestone with a personalized gift from Etsy. I love jewelry catches with the couples’ initials; it’s personal and something they can incorporate in the wedding. Other gifts that will be appreciated are stationary, Kate Spade planner, or pour-over coffee maker.



Buying gifts for your besties should be easy. What makes it difficult is having to buy 20 presents for everyone you call a BFF. I have about 12 ladies I consider my nearest and dearest, so I try to keep my gifts uniform, giving everyone the same thing with slight variation.  Lipstick is my all-time favorite gift to give. For the last two years I’ve been running a serious informal  campaign for MAC  introducing everyone I know to their matte lipstick “All Fired Up” among a couple of others. (Sephora gift cards are also a good idea)


Mom, Aunt, Grandma (or any lucky lady you love)

This is a tough one for me because while my mom is the most supportive mother I know, she is a heck of a gift snob. I can’t tell you how many presents I’ve given her that she has re-gifted! But, she doesn’t do on a sneaky level, she tells me to my face that she didn’t like the gift (nicely, so that I feel bad that she didn’t like it…wait a minute) then offers to give it to someone whom it would be better suited for.

Gifts for mom can be tricky. To keep it simple, this year I’m going with a Burke Williams gift card. I know she loves being pampered, and what better place to do that than Burke Williams. They even offer a variety of gift card packages starting at just $129 (regular price $169) and best of all, when you purchase a gift card package for someone else, you receive a 3-Day Spa Pass for yourself! So you can enjoy a day (or three) of relaxation when the holidays are over. Does it get any better than that?


My dad is a pretty simple guy (as most dad’s are). He appreciates pretty much anything (as most dad’s do). Buy him something he’d never buy for himself. This year, I’m going with a personalized decanter set I found on Amazon for $99.95. It’s a beautiful gift he can use to entertain when the guys come over for a poker game and some Whiskey.



Brothers are the best because their taste in gifts is often tech or business-centric, making shopping for them fun (and easy). A new pair of noise canceling headphones, wireless speakers, or an electronic return putting mat are sure winners. If your bro is pickey and he’s already got everything, then buy him some lottery scratcher tickets and a fun pair of socks, and wrap it in the biggest box you can find.



I don’t have a sister, but if I did, I imagine she’d be as into makeup as I am. She’d also love Alex and Ani as much as I do. She should also be a Kate Spade fan. Ok, so if I had a sister she would be my clone, ha! Any of the above are great, but nothing says love like a subscription to RocksBox. I had the pleasure of being a brand ambassador this year and I absolutely loved the product and the service. They are wonderful about accommodating personal requests and flexible in making every transaction a positive one. Check it out for yourself at



For babies and toddlers knitted separates or books (even though they can’t read) are a sweet gesture. Boys under 6 – dinosaur anything. Girls under 6- I have no idea! I’m proficient in all things boys since my nephews consume my life, but girls are a totally different story, and in a lot cases, easier to buy for with so many options available in stores for girls. When shopping for kids, I like to ask the mom what they’re into and go in that direction. But, if you want to be Auntie/Mom of the Year, get them the Jurassic World: T-Rex Inflatable Costume from Amazon, only $46.99 right now.


Your Glam Squad

Show your appreciation to the team of people who make you look your best all year round. This includes your nail artist, hair wizard, dry cleaners, cleaning crew (if you fancy like that), and anyone else who keeps fresh. Scarfs, coffee-house gifts cards, and baked goods are a sweet way to say thanks during the holidays.


Home cooked meal in your skimpies? Ok, ok, that’s too easy. If you’re looking for something you can actually wrap and put under the tree, tickets to the Rams, a concert, or one of my faves, subscription to an of “The Month Club.” offers tons to choose from, but my go-to is the Beer of the Month club, starting at just $36.95 for 3 months.


General Cheer & Giving

To play it safe, always buy a few extra gifts you can have on hand in case you run into someone who may have a gift for you. I buy a bunch of Starbucks mugs and gift cards and keep them in my car for these types of encounters. Lots of options for this accidental gift exchange, here are my favorites: Wine, key chains, coin purse, reusable water bottles and stationary.

Whatever you plan to give as a gift, don’t forget the package is just as important as the gift itself. Buy some cute bags or wrapping and ribbon and brand your gifts with a specific look. I love red velvet ribbon and recycled brown paper, so chic! Please share your favorite gifts in the comments or email me!

XOX – Jax

Happy Holidays!

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