Every once in a while you come across a quote that makes so much sense you take a screen shot and share it with your closest friends, or pin it to your ever expanding Pinterest board. What did we do before Pinterest? Seriously. From love and relationships to beauty and aging, I found some really great words of wisdom that got me through 2016 that I believe are “share” worthy. This is a collection of a handful of quotes that have shed light on a few lessons I’ve learned in the last year. Hope you enjoy.


Loving someone is easy. That goes for romantic relationships as much as it does for friendships. While love and friendship are paramount for a full life, we often lose site of what is healthy and find ourselves in relationships that don’t bring out the best in us. Recognizing that and doing something about it is critical. I’m very protective of the space I fill around me. So I like to have a handful of great people in my life versus a ton of people I don’t trust or who don’t bring me joy. As you get older, your circle tends to thin out and the people you love dearly rise to the top. Here are some quotes I’ve pinned in the last year that really resonated with me.


IT’S OUR PERSONAL FORM OF ART EXPRESSION! I love clothing and accessories like I love carbs – A LOT. Rediscovering the world of fashion in my 30s has been interesting. For starters, I’m not as comfortable showing my cleavage as I once did. Maybe that’s because I have more of it now! Regardless, dressing in your 20s is a little different than dressing in your 30s. But, the one thing that has remained true for me then and now, is the level of confidence and the strut that comes with dressing from the heart. That sounds cheesier than it is. Putting an outfit together is about comfort and confidence, and you should never wear something that makes you walk without either.


One of my 2017 resolutions is to stop talking about my age! I’m about to turn 35 (*uck!), and for some reason that scares me. So, I tend to talk about my age more than necessary, subconsciously making light of something I don’t have much control of. I think as women, we tend to place a lot of our value on our outer appearance, and getting deeper into our 30s doesn’t make matters any better. But, I believe you have a choice. You can embrace the aging process and go into it with reckless abandon or you can fight it. Not sure I’m the embrace it kinda chic. So, I’m fighting it! Ha! Bring on the facials, injections, and creams.  With that said, I firmly believe being happy is our best defense in any arena, and accepting that there is beauty in the evolution can help get us through the tougher battles of aging. Like telling someone you’re single and in your 30s and having them tell you to freeze your eggs. Yes, that’s a true story.

So many good ones floating around out there. I hope you enjoyed my collage of goodies. If you come across a great quote or meme you think I’ll like, please share!


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