When I was a kid we used to spend our entire day outdoors, riding bikes until sun down and having to be dragged inside for dinner against our will.  Fast forward to adulthood where taking time to walk outside of our office building for lunch is a luxury. Prioritizing our needs and our wants is a balance, so making sure I take in some natural Vitamin D is critical to my happiness.

Living in Huntington Beach, California, it’s not hard to find things to do in the great outdoors. I’m lucky to live a few blocks to the sand and make it my goal to see the ocean up close and personal at least once a week. But, I’ve been wanting to expand my horizons (figuratively and literally) into the world of hiking. We have lots of wonderful trails that boast expansive nature reserves and breathtaking ocean views. Enter Bommer Canyon,  situated near UC Irvine and adjacent to the communities Laguna Beach and Newport Beach that spans 20,000 acres of natural wild land. It’s said to be the largest coastal open space remaining between Los Angeles and San Diego.

Bommer Canyon is a moderate to difficult trail with paths that host easy to moderate skill levels. What’s really wonderful of the trail is natural beauty of the landscape and the majesty of the ambiance. The trail is only 15 minutes from my office in Newport Beach and is absolutely gorgeous at sunset. If you’re looking for a hike that will leave you speechless, put this one on your list!

Where is Bommer Canyon?

The Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks stretch in a giant green crescent from Weir Canyon near the 91 Freeway at the north end of the Irvine Ranch… connect with the Cleveland National Forest along the ranch’s northeastern border… continue south where they include the massive regional open space network in the northern and southern hillsides of Irvine… and extend all the way to Laguna Coast Wilderness Park and Crystal Cove State Park near Laguna Beach.

About Bommer Canyon

Adjacent to the communities of Irvine, Laguna Beach, Laguna Woods and Newport Beach lie nearly 20,000 sprawling acres of natural wildland in the largest coastal open space remaining between Los Angeles and San Diego. Known as the South Coast Wilderness, these remarkable lands contain some of the largest remaining areas of a rare natural community known as coastal sage scrub along with oak woodlands, native grasslands and craggy rock outcrops.

From the ridgetops, visitors can experience uninterrupted views of the coast, Catalina Island and wide expanses of green. A network of hiking and riding trails traverses the area, offering a wide variety of outdoor adventures from beginner to advanced, from families to solitary nature-lovers.  



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