Looking for a bathing suit that works for the curve-gifted? Well look no more, I’ve got you covered. With my upcoming trip(s) to pool and ocean ridden lands, I’m on a mission to find swimwear that works for my body. My biggest concern is comfort and versatility. In this article I’ll explore new brands, cuts I’ve never tried, and styles that I formally thought weren’t made for my body type. Put all preconceived notions behind, and get your behind into a suit that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

2017 Bucket List Highlight: As promised, I’m sharing highlights from my 2017 bucket list. This article is inspired by a couple of items on my list I hope to check off soon!

#14) Play volleyball on the beach in my bathing suit (I’m cringing as I type this)

#15) Go on a date that includes being in my bathing suit (I’m holding back tears and simultaneous pangs of hurling as I type this)

#16) Spend the whole day on the beach without my phone (this may take a couple of trial runs to work my way  up to an entire day)


For me, finding a bikini that fits my top as flattering as it does my bottom is a challenge. Size and cut will make all the difference here. I found some online retailers that carry tons of options including sizes from D up to GG! I long for a bandeau that actually holds the gals up…and I think I found one! Note: My favorite bottom style is the side tie. It just works better for my shape. But, most of these suits have multiple options, so search through their line for the style that fits your body best.

TIP: If you haven’t already checked out Ashley Graham’s swimsuit line, I highly recommend checking it out! Ashley Graham Swimwear

ASOS, Bright Tassel Trim Crop Top/Bottom. Sizes: 0-14 | $18.50 and $15
ASOS, Neoprene Laser Cut Out Crop Triangle. Size: 0-14. | $31
Victoria Secret
VICTORIA SECRET, Strappy Scoop Halter & High Waist Bottom. Sizes: XS-L. | $32.95 and $34.95
Persian Tiger
VENUS, Sun Loving Bandeau Top & Bottom. Sizes: A-DD | $26.99 and $20
DASH Top Miss Mandalay
MISS MANDALAY, Dash. Sizes: 30D-38G | $82.99


I LOVE A ONE-PIECE! They’re comfortable (for the most part), versatile, and come in so many options these days. My philosophy with a one-piece is to go sexy since they keep you mostly covered up. Unless I’m swimming with my niece and nephews, in which case I’m opting for something that will easily allow me to be a shark, a fisherman, and a dinosaur (they’re a wild bunch). But, otherwise, don’t be afraid to opt for a plunging neck or mesh cut outs.

RACHEL Rachel Roy, Strapless Underwire One-Piece. Sizes: XS-XL | $120
Bare Back
VENUS, Bare Back One-Piece. Sizes: 2-12 | $39
Pom Front
ASOS: Premium Pom Pom Embroidered Fishnet. Sizes: 0-14 | $58
River Island
ASOS, River Island Molded Deep Plunge Floral Print. Sizes: 2-14 | $58
red lace
BECCA, Color Play Illusion Suit. Sizes: XS-XL | $118 

This BECCA one-piece comes in a bunch of gem colors, and they are all gorgeous.

Summer is around the corner and all the cute suits are going be sold out soon, so get on it! If you have any questions about the suits I’ve featured, please feel free to reach out to me. I’d love to hear from you!