We’ve all got so much going on, especially with vacation season within site, so I decided  instead of doing a one lengthy article on one topic, I’d do a weekly round-up of everything important at the moment. Sound good?

This week in review, I’m excited to introduce you to a few new things taking precedence and setting precedents in my life currently… mind, body, and soul!


Anyone else love books and the thought of reading, but don’t actually set aside the time to read? Well, welcome to the club. I actually consider myself a book collector at this point, with boxes and shelves full of “to-do” reading that I may never get to. But, the streak is now broken with a book I can not put down. “Why Men Love Bitches” was recommended to me by a new friend who might be an actual authority on the topic (being a man, and being a gay man at that!). With over 1 million copies sold, author Sherry Argov puts in writing what most of us already knew; men love bitches. The book is about playing by your own rules and not letting a man have full hold of you, which is a concept I hope we’ve all explored and understand to be true. Argov polled and interviewed rounds of men for research on this book and what she found is eye opening. I’m one chapter in and I’m fully-enthralled. Maybe my second time around will be better played out with my new play book. #bitchmode #justkidding #oknotkidding. Which reminds me, dating in your 30s is crazy! More on that later.


Having lost my mojo with what I’d like to think of as the time in my life where I was just closing my eyes and hoping not to hit anything, I’ve spend the last two years looking for that mojo only to realize it was waiting for me in the last place I looked. Enter Zumba! When looking for one’s mojo, retracing your footsteps is key, so revisiting your old dance steps will help. I rediscovered Zumba after several failed attempts at gym life, running, and yoga. All of which I used to love, but have had a hard time readjusting to recently. When I found out my local recreation center offered it, I signed right up. If you haven’t tried Zumba, you’re really missing out. It’s all about dance and having fun; incorporating salsa, Brazilian dance, and aerobics, it’s a fabulous workout that keeps you motivated. I’ve already seen a change in my body and I’ve only gone to 3 classes. It’s so much fun! More to report (possible before and after pictures – cringe) in the coming months.


This week, a very important film Armenians have dreamt of has finally been released. The Promise, starring Christian Bale, Oscar Isaac, and Charlotte Le Bon explores and exposes a time in Armenian History the Turks have tried to keep secret for a very long time. The movie is enthralling and captivating on so many levels and is worth seeing for everyone who yearns for truth and values the significance of history. As a proud first generation American-Armenian, I am so moved to see the story of the Armenian Genocide, and the events surrounding the massacre of 1.5 million Armenians in 1915 brought to the big screen. Many talented people, including well-known businessman, investor, and philanthropist, Kirk Kerkorian helped bring this film to light, as it was his life-long dream to see the story of his people shared with the world.  I hope you’ll all take time to see it and share it with those you love. To find more information on the film on social: @ThePromiseFilm


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