New season, new shoes, those are the rules. I’m seeing lots of fun, new styles in footwear and I can’t wait to actually start wearing them. You know, once the weather opens up (for reals). Here’s a quick look at some spring shoe styles my shopping cart is currently filled with…

Forever 21 | Tiered Tassel $16

Guys, I’m loving the modern slide…there are so many new ways to wear them and so many styles to choose from.

Forever 21 | Bow Espadrille Slide $16

The other day I actually felt embarrassed wearing my flip flops out to shop! While I can’t be certain, I’m pretty sure slides have replaced the almighty flip flop. Insert eyes wide open emoji. This is a pretty big deal for me as I still consider my thong slide-ons (yes, that’s another way to say flip flop) acceptable in any social setting.

These “fancy” slides are from and are under $35. If you’re not already in love with Lulu’s, get-in-to-it.


When I’m feeling up for a good shop, I jump on and just start swimming those clear blue channels. I found these Bettye Muller espadrille wedge mules to be super chic and somewhat boho, a good spring combination for any outfit. I’ll always love this style, it’s timeless. They’re currently $50!


Vince Camuto block heel mule. This man knows a woman’s foot like no other. It’s hard not to notice a pink shoe, but then Vince made these so people are going to look. Found on – $70.


This wedge embodies the perfect spring/summer shoe in my opinion. You can wear these with anything! And, before you snub your nose at my F21 shoe fetish, check the price tag – $30. Can’t do much better than that…oh, and they come in tan, too!


I love me a good lace up; any day, any time. In fact, I have several lace up heels, including a pair of pumps I wear to work all the time. Yes folks, a lace up pump, get-in-to-it. These are from Lulu’s and currently only $35 and come in four different colors including, black, tan, rust red, and this mustard yellow. Now, before my old school lady gang starts asking questions let me also say that I’ve tried the block heel and it works. Don’t ask me how, but it does. Now, not all block heels are made the same, but when they get it right, this can be a very flattering and comfortable shoe.

Vince Hot PinkMulti color Vince Camuto

All hail Vince Camuto. Need I say more? These are currently on sale at for just $71. They also come in gold/ivory, and black. Are you still here? What are you waiting for?!

Happy shoe shopping! I’ll leave you with a quote from screen queen, SJP, to carry you through your shoe journey.




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