So much fashion, so little time. There are a lot of cute new trends out for spring/summer and I’m loving all of it enough to invest (well most all of it anyway). What follows is my quick rundown of warm weather styles and outfits I think are worth getting into this season that are easy on the wallet – you know I loves me a good deal.


I’m curvy, and let’s just say I have a little extra around those curves, so finding the right fit in current fashion trends is not always easy. Here are some pieces on my spring and summer wardrobe list that are flattering for any body type. Warning: if you’re brave enough to sport a crop top but don’t feel fully confidant exposing the whole mid-section, just compensate with a high rise pant and longer top.

Comfort and Sex Appeal

Forever 21 


Tops that work well with the palazzo…

f21 chiffon surplice bodysuit
Forever 21 (Ordered this one in large and it fits a little loose)

Love a Matchy-match Outfit 

f21 green crop pant suit
Forever 21

The Almighty Jumper

cr black jumpsuit
Charlotte Russe

Casual Encounters 

f21 pom pom dress

Forever 21

pom pom back

f21 off the shoulder dress
Forever 21

f21 off the shoulder yellow

nordstrom romper 55


TJ Maxx Straw Pink
TJ Maxx – just ordered this online!
TJ Maxx Oui
This one too! Shop – no lines, ever.

TJ Maxx on vacay


Buy the Shoes…Don’t be the Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe

tj maxx arthuro chiang
TJ Maxx
bernardo strappy ankle flat leather
TJ Maxx
steve madden slide 70
Haute Look

I hope you find inspiration to try something new with your style this spring. Have fun with it and get those palazzo pants! You’ll thank me for it later.





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